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Rooms Konoba Jure

  • Distance to the beach22 km
  • Distance from ATM300 m
  • Shelter for bears in Kuterevo15 km
  • Distance from city center2 km
  • Northern Velebit National Park11 km
  • Sanctuary of Our Lady Krasnarska5 km

Krasno, Croatia

Lying on the northern slopes of the Velebit at about 800 m above sea level within the Velebit Nature Park, Krasno is one of Croatia's largest mountain villages. It comprises fourteen hamlets scattered around the picturesque Krasno Valley that is flanked on all sides by high wooded cliffs and peaks. The hamlets are typically named after family names of people inhabiting them: Ivetići, Vukelići, Glavaši, Anići, Dujmišići etc. Owing to its specific location and altitude, snow is a regular occurrence in Krasno and the snow cover normally persists long into the winter. Administratively, it belongs to the district of Senj and the Lika-Senj County. Running through the village is a road connection between Sveti Juraj (23 km) and Otočac (22 km), which connects the coastal regions with the inland region of Lika.

 The village has a post office and a GP and dentist practice which is open several days a week. The village also has two convenience stores, several catering facilities and the Runolist dairy farm which produces the famed Krasno cheese.

The village has its own elementary school currently serving 40 pupils. The Northern Velebit National Park and the Velebit Nature Park have their headquarters and branch office respectively in Krasno.

Above the village is the 18th century Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Krasno a well known place of pilgrimage. The church has a beautiful cassette ceiling with painted scenes from the life of Jesus, Mary and saints and Latin quotes dating back to 1740. On August 15, the Assumption Day, the church of Krasno attracts pilgrims from all over Croatia.

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